Listing Benefits listing Benefits


  • Your company will receive a one city web listing page in one business category for one year.
  • If TCS currently hosts your company website your hosting for that site is “Free”.
  • You will be the exclusive company listed per city for your business category which eliminates local competition. With TCS you will always have the first right to renew your TCS listing.
  • You can add up to 10 photos or graphics to enhance your listing.
  • We will create an Imbedded Google Map on your listing page so your customers can locate your business.
  • You receive a link to your main company website with a reciprocal link to your TCS listing page.
  • You can respond to customers comments left on your listing page about their experience with your company.
  • We will enhance you page by highlighting special offers, coupons or headings.
  • Your company will be in our “Featured” section as part of our services rotation.
  • You will receive training on blog creation, how to post your blogs on TCS. Our blog provides you with national access to attract customers who want to read you articles, news stories, press releases and learn about your company or use your services.
  • We will add links to your social media on your listing page.
  • There are “No” monthly ongoing maintenance fees or upgrades necessary.
  • Our experienced SEO (search engine optimization) professionals will ensure your listing has the right components to increase your internet presence, attract more traffic to your listing page or website and create a “Top Listing” in search results.
  • We constantly review all listings and make suggestions of any enhancements we feel may be needed such as search associations between your company and the services you provide.
  • TCS will provide you with “REAL” site statistics to track your visitors.
  • TCS helps you develop a system to track your leads, sales and monitor your ROI.
  • With TCS you align your company with other Top Service Companies nationwide.
  • TCS is the pioneer in Single Service Category Web Listings.
  • You receive personal care with one of our dedicated account managers.
  • Top City Services is committed to your Success!

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