Choosing a CPA or Tax Service in Mobile Alabama

When your looking for a CPA or Tax service in Mobile Alabama there are many companies to choose from.  What you should always look for is a company that the owners have a personality that fits yours. It is very important that when you go into business with someone that you not only can get along but you enjoy being around them.  Once it seems like a good fit now look at the longevity of the company and the stability.  At Prichard Dewberry and Hodges, P.C. you find a company that meets all the requirement your looking for in a successful CPA firm.  They have a very friendly staff, have several offices to choose from, they are financially sound and growing.  If a company is growing that means the customers are not only returning they are bringing more with them.  We like to share with our family and friends when we have a good experience with a company or get a great deal and With Prichard Dewberry and Hodges, P.C. lots of people are sharing.  Next time your searching in Mobile Alabama for a CPA or someone to just handle your taxes give Prichard Dewberry and Hodges, P.C. a call 251-639-7059 to set up an appointment so you to can experience their outstanding customer service. Visit their website at

December 22, 2014

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